Carmen Hernández tumba en el Seminario Redempetoris Mater de Madrid

Dies Natalis – Carmen Hernández

Carmen Hernández’s grave at the RMS Madrid

Dear brothers,

I give you great news: today, at 4:45 p.m., our sister Carmen has left for heaven. It is certain that Our Lord Jesus has come to take her soul and take it with Him.

While we suffer for her absence, I especially, we are happy to know that Our Lord Jesus has taken her with him.

Carmen, what a huge help for the Way! She never flattered me, always thinking of the good of the Church. What a strong woman! I’ve never met anyone like her. In the announcements, with young people, and with the Pope, as now in Krakow, she always told them: “Women are the most important part of the Church, because they carry the fabric of life within them. That is why on the first page of Genesis until the end of the Apocalypse the devil always persecutes the woman ». And he ended by saying: “Kiko, I give him to you.”

I hope to die soon and reunite with her. Carmen’s existence has been wonderful for me; the woman, her great genius, her charisma, her love for the Pope and above all her love for the Church.

Well brothers, my soul is aching because she is no longer with us; but faith helps me and affirms that she is with Christ. Pray for her. You can celebrate a Mass all together in commemoration of Carmen.

The archbishop of Madrid has agreed to have Carmen’s funeral, with her body present, in the cathedral. Itinerants from Europe are invited to the funeral, if you can come.

Courage, Christ has risen and conquered death for us!

It was moving for me that she waited for me to come, to kiss her and say, “Courage.” And after giving her a little kiss, she passed away.

July 19th, 2016

Kiko Argüello.