Carmen Hernández - Israel - Sea of Galilee


Carmen Hernández - Israel - Sea of Galilee

Carmen Hernández – Barcelona (Spain)

BARCELONA (1962-1964) Carmen arrived in Barcelona on January 11, 1962 from London, where the superiors of the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of Christ Jesus – to which she had belonged since 1953 – sent her to learn English, in view of a possible destination in India. She thought that

Carmen Hernández -  itinerant convivence in Israel.

Carmen Hernández – Soria and Navarra (Spain)

ÓLVEGA Carmen was born in Ólvega, in the Soria province, in a numerous family. Her parents’ names were Antonio and Clementa; she was the fifth of nine siblings. Her family lived in the Plaza de España of the village. She was baptized on November 28, 1930 in the parish church