Carmen Hernández – Valencia (Spain)

VALENCIA (1956-1960) Carmen wanted to respond to the call that the Lord had made to her since she was a child. With St. Francis Xavier as her point of reference, and desiring to go on mission, she made several unsuccessful attempts at the Congregation of Jesus and Mary in Madrid.

Kiko Argüello, Carmen Hernández y P. Mario Pezzi, convivencia

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Carmen Hernández - Israel - Sea of Galilee

Carmen Hernández – Barcelona (Spain)

BARCELONA (1962-1964) Carmen arrived in Barcelona on January 11, 1962 from London, where the superiors of the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of Christ Jesus – to which she had belonged since 1953 – sent her to learn English, in view of a possible destination in India. She thought that

Carmen Hernández -  itinerant convivence in Israel.

Carmen Hernández – Soria and Navarra (Spain)

ÓLVEGA Carmen was born in Ólvega, in the Soria province, in a numerous family. Her parents’ names were Antonio and Clementa; she was the fifth of nine siblings. Her family lived in the Plaza de España of the village. She was baptized on November 28, 1930 in the parish church